Tattoo Fashion Shoot

By Johnathon Denney

By Johnathon Denney

An amazing shoot with Kelsey sporting all her great tattoos for a fashion shoot with Carlos Roman with Lush by Carlos. We had tons of fun, even though we found out the hard way that outdoor malls are apparently private property. <eyeroll>

Portraits of a Young Musician

Jake is a pretty cool young guy who really likes to play guitar! And he’s good. Check him out at We wanted this photo shoot to be something that really fit his style. So for his portraits, ¬†we brought him to one of favorite spots in downtown Hartford. We love the mix of gritty and natural.

Model Portfolio Shoot for Kylie

We’ve enjoyed photographing Kylie several times now so when she came to us in need of a model portfolio update, we were super excited! This was one of our favorite models in one of our favorite locations. The constant drizzling rain didn’t stop us. In fact, overcast days are the best possible lighting for photo shoots. We even got permission to shoot on a private boat that happened to be docked nearby.

Crazy Beauty and Waterfalls

Another beautiful dancer from Connecticut Concert Ballet. Emily came prepared for fun and we made the most of the beginning of that crazy heatwave that hit Connecticut. Close to 100 degree weather and no breeze, despite being on the shore. But you wouldn’t be able to tell from the images we got. We played around at the grounds of Seaside Sanitorium, then moved to Wadsworth Falls.


Indie Dance Fashion Shoot

We met one of our favorite dancers, Samantha Howe, formerly of Connecticut Concert Ballet, a few days before she left for her dance academy in Mass. Where most might have found the overcast and wet discouraging, we found it gave us a really great, believable backdrop.