High School Senior Portraits – Maddie

High School Senior Portraits with Maddie

We’ve known Maddie for a few years now so we were so excited to create her High School senior portraits! Maddie chose the Wesleyan Campus for her fashion-styled portraits. We walked all over creation to give her a variety of looks in just a couple of hours. Sweet Maddie was more outgoing than we expected! We had so much fun with her and her sister in tow. Laying in the middle of the street was nothing. And she was a master of the power pose! Check her out and show her some love…

Hair and makeup by Maddie

It’s Not Too Late

If you still haven’t scheduled your high school senior portrait session, it’s not too late! While you likely missed the yearbook deadline, you definitely can still fit in your personal senior portrait session. What’s unique about you? We want to show it off! We live in a great location where we have everything from beaches to farms to cities to mountains. Give us a call and we’ll get started ASAP on designing your senior portraits! 860-295-8444

Fashion Runway Photographs

We were happy to be invited to Boston Fashion Week to photograph Eternite’s International Fashion Show. The atmosphere of runway shows is so high energy and glam! And these designers went all out to show off what they were capable of. It made it easier for us to capture these fashion runway photographs.

High School Senior Portraits – Fashion-Styled – Marissa

high school senior portrait before and after

Hair & makeup by Elise O’Mara at Top Level Salon

High School senior, Marissa, is a ballet dancer at Connecticut Concert Ballet, whom we work with often. So we weren’t surprised when she came to us, looking for high end fashion styled high school senior portraits. We were anxious to get her in the city to show off her stuff. Wow! How amazing she looks! Mom & Dad definitely had a hard time choosing their favorites.

Hair and makeup by Top Level Salon.

Style Wars, Avant Garde Fashion Salon Style Competition

Hair & makeup artists, we’re hosting a new salon style competition!

Style Wars

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 7PM


Why are we hosting this competition?

We want to connect with all the leading hair & makeup artists in our area. And pulling together a crowd of people who love to look and feel amazing for a fun night out with a little healthy competition is a great way to do that!

Why enter?

When fashion designers want the buyer’s attention, they design avant garde & couture looks for the runway that can’t be ignored! Do they think the average person will wear those designs? Heck no! They just want to get some attention for their brand. That’s the theory here.

This is a tailored event aimed towards people who are interested in looking and feeling amazing scheduled at just the right time when people are bored with Winter and ready to get out and do something fun! Not only will it be a great networking opportunity for those in the industry, but all the guests to the party (your clients and ours) will get to see just how amazing you are!

Requirements to Enter

  • $250 entry fee per team ($100 goes directly to the winning pot)
  • Your team (whether it’s just you or you plus others) must create an avant garde look on a model (yours or ours) for a mini fashion shoot with us on the spot. The rules are simple. Make it outrageous!
  • Market the event to your clients, friends & family to make the night of the party and competition a hit!

Prize – More than $500 to the winning team!

  • The base prize pool will vary depending on how many entrants there are. We need a minimum of 5 entrants and are hoping for 15. So the winning pot could potentially be over $1500! (11.2.13 – Psst! We’re looking at about 12 entrants currently.)
  • In addition, guests, who must be present on the night of the reveal party, pay $1 per vote and half of all voting fees will go to the winning pot. There will be a limit of 20 votes per person to help keep the competition fair.
  • You’ll receive 10 digital files of your final look from the fashion shoot to use in promoting your brand.

What You Get Just For Entering

  • A before and after digital image for use in promoting your brand.
  • A 20×30 high fashion print of your final look to hang in your studio.


  • Entrance fees must be paid by November 15, 2013.
  • Styling and fashion shoot must be scheduled by January 10, 2014 since the night of the final reveal and party is January 29, 2014.

Contact us now! Message us or call 860.295.8444

Bookmark this page to stay current with updates. We have so much in store that we just can’t put every detail here. We’re so excited to start working with you!

UPDATE! Pick a model from our list! Click here to view images of models and clients we’ve worked with in the past. Models will be exclusive to one team so first come, first served.


$300.00 LATE Entry Fee Per Team (not per person)

Absolute deadline December 15, 2013.

If you have any trouble with Paypal, please feel free to call us at 860-295-8444.

Once you’ve paid, please fill out the entry form.

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Mother Daughter Photo Shoot

Sharon and Mollie are very good friends of ours and have watched as our images went from standard portraits to beauty and fashion. They talked about and planned their perfect mother daughter photo shoot for almost a year! Finally, we scheduled a special mother daughter shoot with them and… wow! We were amazed by how stunningly they photographed. Take a look at young Mollie – dark and beautiful – breath-taking. And Sharon, who argued she was too old for this stuff, fell right in line. Look at those curves! What better way to celebrate their relationship than with gorgeous, personal image art to decorate their walls!

Mother daughter beauty fashion photo shoot by Exclusive Image at the Riverfront Recapture in Hartford CT

Mother daughter beauty fashion photo shoot by Exclusive Image at the Riverfront Recapture in Hartford CT

Editorial Fashion Shoot With Garrett and Amanda

editorial fashion shoot

Before & After

We designed this editorial fashion shoot in Blue Back Square in West Hartford for Garrett and Amanda because of it’s urban awesomeness. From the parking garage to the Barnes and Noble large plate glass window, we created a variety of looks, incorporating their love for long boards. Everything was going great until we got to the center and it was apparently “Free hug” day, sponsored by the hippies in town. Lots of commotion. Relocation required. No problem. We moved up the stairs and captured some amazingly moody, dark sky images. Garrett and Amanda rocked this shoot!

Hair & makeup by Elise O’Mara at  Top Level Salon, West Hartford CT