Dark Snow Fashion Photography – Sara

Snow Fashion Photography

By Heidi Denney

A Great New Relationship

Sara’s a friend of a friend, a model twice-removed, if you will. We’d expressed some interest in working with her, but hadn’t really even met until we all showed up for hair and makeup, getting ready to create some amazing snow fashion photography! And the rest, as they say, is history. There are shoots and then there are shoots. This is definitely the latter. With professional modeling jobs and TV credits under her belt already, she knew what she was doing the second we raised the camera and flowed from pose to pose as the snow fell. True magic.


Style Wars 2014 Competition – Top Level Salon

Top Level Salon stylists Elise and Yolee and interpreter-by-day-model-by-night Jenn made up our first team for the 2014 Style Wars. When we walked in that night, everyone was so excited to start working. There were braids of blue hair and gold leaf laying out, and while the airbrush hummed, Jenn slowly transformed into an avant garde fashion model. We shot in the salon before moving out to the street in West Hartford Center, where Jenn became the center of attention for all the people walking by. This was one of the first shoots where I was able to use our new DS lens, and it worked out perfectly. See for yourself.

Style Wars 2014 Salon Contest- Studio 325

Before and After Professional Hair and Makeup

Style Wars Salon Contest

By Heidi Denney

 Salon Contest Entry

Studio 325 was one of the teams that entered our salon contest, Style Wars, and wow! Look at that hair! We arrived on set just as they were finishing up their look and we couldn’t believe the intricate detail of her beautiful hair. It twisted and coiled around her upper body like nobody’s business. With our popup backdrop, we started shooting right inside Studio 325. Then we ventured outside and down the street to a nearby park to create a more complex look in nature.

What is Style Wars and why did we create it?

We love crazy, conceptual looks but not all of our everyday clients are into that. So we created the Style Wars competition for hair & makeup artists so we could fulfill our creative desires and connect with the leading hair & makeup artists in our area. 2014 was the first year of this annual competition and it was a huge success! If you’re a hair or makeup artist and want to be involved in the Style Wars, watch our site for registration which opens September 1. If you’re a model (or aspiring model) and would like to model for a team in the Style Wars, contact us and we’ll put your name out there to the teams. If you’re a person who loves fashion and a night out on the town, watch for our reveal event where you can vote on your favorite look, enjoy food and drinks and night out with friends.

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