Little Girl Fashion Photography – Dorothy

little girl fashion photography

by Heidi Denney


We photographed Dorothy for years as a dancer at her mom and dad’s dance school, Connecticut Concert Ballet. Dorothy is a beautiful dancer, a sweet, tiny little thing and is absolutely obsessed with makeup art! She did her own hair and makeup for the first half of the photo shoot (all the way through the hippie/fairy images.) Dorothy was accepted to an out-of-state dance program for the Summer –  a big step for a little girl. So we started off at the train station in Windsor, CT, creating an editorial on her journey away from her parents to pursue ballet.

After a short break at a yummy roadside grill, we headed into West Hartford for hair and makeup by Elise O’Mara at Top Level Salon. Dorothy knew so much about makeup that she held her own in a conversation with Elise! It was absolutely adorable. For this final look, we were going for a surreal lengthening of her already-tall-and-super-lean figure. We found a great adult-sized dress at a thrift shop that hugged her body perfectly, helping make the appearance of a dress that was made just for her. Propping her up on a stool completed the look we were going for.

Dorothy knocked this photo shoot out of the park! She followed direction perfectly and, mixed with her own personality, made this set of  little girl fashion photography our new fav!

Model Portfolio at Harkness Park

Couture_Model_Portfolio_at Harkness Park_by Exclusive Image

by Heidi Denney

Rebecca heard about us from one of the models we shot this year and when she reached out to us, we were all excited to work together. Hair and makeup was done by the always excellent Top Level Salon, with shots done around West Hartford Center and at Harkness Park. As you can see, she was amazing, being able to pull off a range of looks from cute girl next door, to Parisian street fashion, to elegantly sexy. Check out the result.

model portfolio at harkness park