Dark Snow Fashion Photography – Sara

Snow Fashion Photography

By Heidi Denney

A Great New Relationship

Sara’s a friend of a friend, a model twice-removed, if you will. We’d expressed some interest in working with her, but hadn’t really even met until we all showed up for hair and makeup, getting ready to create some amazing snow fashion photography! And the rest, as they say, is history. There are shoots and then there are shoots. This is definitely the latter. With professional modeling jobs and TV credits under her belt already, she knew what she was doing the second we raised the camera and flowed from pose to pose as the snow fell. True magic.


Frozen Snow Queen – Sarah

Before and After Professional Hair and Makeup

Frozen Snow Queen

By Heidi Denney

Our Very Own Frozen Snow Queen

Sarah is one of our photographers and we often call on her to do some crazy shoots! When we mentioned shooting in a blizzard, she hopped right on it. And she proved to be a truly frozen snow queen! Despite the cold and wind and snow, she went bare skin in some cases to get these amazing images. Then tromped through knee-high snow to get down to the frozen river and canopy of trees where it snowed so heavily that we had to clear an inch of snow off our lights every 15-20 minutes. Craziness! And so worth it.

Hair & makeup by Elise O’Mara of Top Level Salon.

How did we get that?

We hitched our popup backdrop to a stand, then held it from blowing around while we photographed to get the black background and natural snow. The image with the hood and glowing snow was created by back-lighting the snow with our speedlites. And under the canopy of trees where you can see the light streaming down on her? Speedlites again.

Behind The Scenes Gallery

Frozen Snow Princess – Bella & Lily

Frozen Snow Princess (or Two) Brave The Blizzard

These frozen snow princesses take the cake on risking their lives for a photo shoot! It was a blizzardy day which we knew was coming. We wanted to shoot in the snow so we put out notice on our Facebook page, asking for anyone interested in braving the conditions for some unique portraits. These girls (and their mom) drove over an hour in the thick of the blizzard to get to us! And we were so happy they did. Lenses freezing over, lights getting buried in snow falling faster than we could keep up with and our car stuck halfway into Walgreens parking lot was ALL worth it. We were just happy when we knew they were home safe again after. 🙂