Funky Family Portraits and Fun With Sibling Rivalry


funky family portraits

by Heidi Denney

Funky Family Portraits with a Twist

We know these girls… and we know they have a love/hate relationship. When they asked for funky family portraits, we decided to have a little fun with it. The image above was amazingly captured in one shot thanks to Sarah’s amazing jump and Rachel’s perfect timing! We can’t wait to work with them again in the Autumn for beach family portraits with Dad this time. [wink]

On the day of the scheduled shoot, it rained and rained… and rained. No problem! We knew just where to go for some cover with style – downtown Hartford! We started inside the building at Top Level Salon where Sarah had professional hair and makeup done by the fabulous Elise O’Mara! Then we headed downtown to the Riverfront, battled the chill and rain and came up with these amazing images!

Modeling Portfolio Update – Kiley

modeling portfolio

by Heidi Denney

Modeling Portfolio Wow!

We love this transformation! Kiley soft pink glow made for a beautifully feminine photo shoot. This modeling portfolio update perfectly complimented the looks she already had in her portfolio. It was absolutely frigid out but Kiley soldiered on! The adorable West Hartford Center made a perfect location for this update with its quaint suburban feel. And having Top Level Salon close by made it an extra perfect fit.

Style Wars 2014 Competition – Top Level Salon

Top Level Salon stylists Elise and Yolee and interpreter-by-day-model-by-night Jenn made up our first team for the 2014 Style Wars. When we walked in that night, everyone was so excited to start working. There were braids of blue hair and gold leaf laying out, and while the airbrush hummed, Jenn slowly transformed into an avant garde fashion model. We shot in the salon before moving out to the street in West Hartford Center, where Jenn became the center of attention for all the people walking by. This was one of the first shoots where I was able to use our new DS lens, and it worked out perfectly. See for yourself.

City Ballerina Portraits – Sadie

City Ballerina

By Johnathon Denney


Sadie dances at a ballet school we work with, CT Concert Ballet. She was ecstatic when she recently got her first pair of pointe shoes! Meanwhile, Mom wanted a great work of art of her beautiful daughter for their holiday cards. So she gave us a call and we started designing her city ballerina portraits. She opted in on natural professional hair and makeup by Top Level Salon and Elise did a great job keeping it age-appropriate.

before and after

by Heidi Denney


City Ballerina Portraits

Audrey Hepburn Inspired Shoot With Bridget

Audrey Hepburn inspired shoot

by Johnathon Denney

Audrey Hepburn Inspired

Bridget… our muse. Every artist has one. Or at least that what we heard until we started working with Bridget and came to a full understanding of the “artist’s muse.” So when she asked us to do an Audrey Hepburn inspired shoot, we were ecstatic! We had several classic Hepburn looks in mind when we met with Bridget at Top Level Salon. We started indoors with the clean, pulled back hair look and then moved out into the cute little streets of West Hartford Center to capture “the shopper” in her hat and sunglasses. Bridget was a Hepburn master!

Salon Style-Off!

For Top Level Salon’s Open House, we did an open-ended style off between their hair and makeup artists. Elise and Natasha worked on Sarah Clauson, while Katie and Michelle used Sarah Patulak. While Elise and Natasha went with a dramatic smokey eye and bright red lip to go with sexy waves, Katie and Michelle chose colorful purple and pink and a stylish bun for a modern girlie look. We unveiled the looks during the open house and took votes to see which was more popular, with Katie and Michelle’s team, with the purple eyes, pink lip and cool bun, leading with just four votes. Super close!

Avante Garde Fashion Shoot with Bridget

by Heidi Denney

by Heidi Denney

We were more than a little excited to finally work on this avante garde fashion shoot with Bridget! Elise O’Mara at Top Level Salon was amazing and created exactly the look we wanted. But before we dolled this girl up, we captured some natural portraits of her …just for mom. 🙂 Check out the transformation! Then tell us why YOU can’t do this too. I dare you.