Funky Family Portraits and Fun With Sibling Rivalry


funky family portraits

by Heidi Denney

Funky Family Portraits with a Twist

We know these girls… and we know they have a love/hate relationship. When they asked for funky family portraits, we decided to have a little fun with it. The image above was amazingly captured in one shot thanks to Sarah’s amazing jump and Rachel’s perfect timing! We can’t wait to work with them again in the Autumn for beach family portraits with Dad this time. [wink]

On the day of the scheduled shoot, it rained and rained… and rained. No problem! We knew just where to go for some cover with style – downtown Hartford! We started inside the building at Top Level Salon where Sarah had professional hair and makeup done by the fabulous Elise O’Mara! Then we headed downtown to the Riverfront, battled the chill and rain and came up with these amazing images!

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