Every now and then, we get the opportunity to touch someone’s life in a unique way. When we were approached with this original wallet-sized family portrait, we knew we had a lot of work ahead of us. There were obvious signs of wear, poor storage, and discoloration.

By hand, we meticulously removed each scratch and blemish. Then we painstakingly painted in missing areas, recreating vital features that identify the models as the beloved parents and friends people know. Piece by piece, scratch by scratch, we were able to draw out the original image hidden beneath years of wear and tear. We channeled our inner Baumgartner, relishing in the slow but very satisfying process and leaving as much of the original texture and photo as we could.

In addition to cleaning up the photo itself, we also gently increased the size for a larger reprint. This involves increasing the image size in increments of no more than 10% at a time until you reach the desired size. Of course, there are limits. But we were able to create a file big enough to print 5×7 rather than the original wallet size.

What’s involved in having your favorite photograph restoration completed? Send us a high quality scan of the original image or mail it and we’ll take care of scanning. Once the photograph has been restored, you can use the digital restoration file to share with family and friends or make new prints!