A letter from Heidi & Johnathon

Dear Exclusive Image Clients,

We’re guessing this is about your 93rd email concerning COVID-19. We don’t want to be just another email. Because we’re more than words on a screen. We’re humans with feelings and needs and worries just like you. And we want to reach out to you for several reasons.

First, we hope you’re all safe and healthy. That’s top priority.

But it goes deeper. While everyone is scurrying around and panicking over the virus itself, very few are thinking about those with mental health issues. Those with depression and anxiety.

“For me, socializing is of utmost importance. And I’m not talking about partying and bar hopping. I need to physically be among people I care about or my depression takes over and is unbearably heavy.”

~ Heidi

While trying desperately to find ways we can continue to socialize while maintaining distance, we read an article that suggested picnic lunches with other families, provided you meet at the park rather than drive together, stay on your own blanket at least 6′ away from each other, and don’t share your food. What a great idea! Nature isn’t the problem. Enclosed, packed spaces are.

Then we got to thinking about an even better idea that would involve you and us. While you’re working from home and the kids are out of school and the weather is getting nicer, why not grab everyone in your household and come out for a family portrait?

This is a tough time. Everyone will be touched by this epidemic. Everyone. We’re all going to be hurting physically, emotionally, and/or financially. And family portraits are difficult to plan ahead for with summer vacations and everyone at work and school.

So we’re offering half off all digital portrait collections scheduled now through April 12.* Give us at least 24 hours notice for your shoot. (Yes, you read that right. We’ll make it happen.) And we’ll turn around your images within another 24 hours.

We’ll re-evaluate this offer and potentially extend it if social distancing perpetuates or cancel it if our area goes on full lock down.

Don’t put this off. If it’s going to be nice outside tomorrow, contact us today. No waiting to lose weight. No waiting for braces to come off. No waiting for a new outfit. You and your family. As you are right now. Come outside and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and smiles.


Heidi & Johnathon Denney

*What is a digital portrait collection? Choose any of our portrait collections with the digital option.