As professional photographers, we design most of our photoshoots around our clients’ needs, wants, and styles. While we LOVE to create a personalized experience for a variety of wonderful, talented people, sometimes we just have our own ideas and need someone who is excited to try them out with us!

How did it all begin?

When Johnathon and I first decided we really wanted to shift toward fashion-styled portraits with professional hair & makeup, we couldn’t get our clients on board. The issue was that we had no examples to show them.

We decided to find a few people who were willing (and excited!) to model our ideas and concepts so we could show future clients our capabilities.

We found a “guinea pig”, hired a hair & makeup artist, and were on our way! Once we got into things, our model was so pumped! We had never experienced the kind of excitement she had for our photography. She went all in, giving us everything she had and helping us produce the most amazing interpretation of our idea.

Not only was it an extremely fulfilling experience for us, but that photoshoot changed our business and our lives. From that day forward, we started receiving requests for the exact kind of photoshoot we had created. In addition, it showed us just how rewarding it was as artists to create a concept and achieve it. We decided to make these creative photoshoots a regular part of our annual business plan.

Where do we find inspiration?

We find inspiration everywhere. We might be running errands and pass someone who stokes our creative juices. We might be scrolling the internet and see an image we can’t help but stop to admire. We might be photographing a dance school event and a dancer stands out from the crowd. We have found inspiration from cinema, fiction novels, YouTube, and just…people being people.

We’re inspired by so many aspects of a person. Sometimes it’s a quirky personality trait or perfectly arched feet or the shape of their jaw. Sometimes we have an idea in mind (like, “Let’s get a 50 lb bag of flour and throw it at someone while they dance”) and we’ll search until we find just the right person who we know will be on board!

What does a modeling session look like?

Modeling sessions vary wildly. There are so many factors specific to what we’re looking for at the time that it’s difficult to specify the details. Here are the basics though:

Step 1) We present our idea to you to see if you’re on board. We’ll lay out the details of what is involved and what you’ll receive as compensation. There will be no charge for the creation of the photos (a.k.a. the photo session). You will also receive a number of digital files and perhaps a bit of fame. 🙂

Step 2) We begin planning the photoshoot time, location, and outfit. Sometimes we’ll work with options you already have. Other times we may need to purchase, rent or borrow an outfit or costume. If hair and makeup are required for the concept, we’ll book our salon, Top Level Salon.

Step 3) We meet for the photoshoot to create inspiring images! Most often, we spend about an hour or so with our models.

Step 4) Within about a week or two of the photoshoot, we meet (in person or virtually) for a viewing session. At this session, we’ll reveal the amazing images we created together and help you choose a few of your favorites to keep for free! You are welcome to share your chosen free images online and make your own prints.

Step 5) We proudly share the final images on our website and social media! Occasionally, we’ll share images on stock media sites where others can purchase them to use in their own marketing, graphic design projects, and product designs. We would only ever do this with your explicit permission and a signed model release. The most important thing for us is sharing our creativity with our client base.

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Do we have to meet to review the images?

Meeting together to review images has a two-fold purpose.

  1. It can be quite overwhelming to narrow down hundreds of images to just a few. We have a great system of helping you narrow them down. Many models (and clients!) have expressed their appreciation for our artistic input as well. But in case you want more than we’re offering, you may purchase additional images, prints or products at this time. There is absolutely no obligation to make a purchase and we are very low key when reviewing images with you because of reason #2.
  2. Hearing your feedback about the images and the process is INVALUABLE to us. This is what tells us what to keep and what to change for future photoshoots. So thank you for setting aside a little time to help us in this way.

Do we take requests?

Typically, no. We only have time for a few modeling sessions per year, and it’s important that we spend that time and those resources on our own ideas and inspirations. However, feel free to message us about an idea you have with as many details as possible regarding clothing, location, mood, style, etc and perhaps it’ll be something we’re also excited about.

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