So quarantine is fun, huh? I don’t know about you guys, but the Denney household has kept itself occupied by focusing on art, rushing through the show Devs in 2 days, being as inventive as possible with food, and collecting our dog’s shed fur, which we meticulously braid into an ever-growing totem in our living room.

Tempy, or "Puppy"

The totem’s name is Frank, or Mr. Totem, because even though we’re in quarantine, we’re still a society and respectful titles are important. And late last night, during the braiding trance we have instead of sleep, Frank asked us to create a fun little game we can play with our friends.

If this was a movie trailer, I imagine this is the part where the audience would discover that this is for a new Saw movie. But it’s not. And I can promise with a solid 76% certainty that playing this game will in no way enslave you for eternity to Frank the Dog Hair Totem.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1PM April 20 through May 22, we’ll post a prompt on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. All answers for all posts need to be submitted by 10AM Saturday when we do the drawing. One drawing per week total.

Some prompts will be trivia (list-style) questions, some will require you to post an image (goofy or serious), and some will dig into your repertoire of song titles. To make it more fun, don’t use Google.

Every “answer” will count as an entry into our weekly random drawing. Multiple entries per person are acceptable unless we say otherwise for a particular post. We’re keeping it chill with rules but if you answer with nonsense or 8 of the same but slightly different photo *raised brows*, you’ll be disqualified for the week.

You can win more than once so keep participating!

What are we giving away each week?

A $100 gift voucher that can be used towards a private photo shoot!


We’ll see you on Monday on social media! Meanwhile, we’ll be braiding away so as to appease Frank.