Embrace yourself, just as you are! Our ‘You, Unapologetically’ Portrait Series is all about self-love and acceptance. As we come off of the Valentine’s Day high, this is especially important.

We’re dedicated to showcasing the strength found in embracing your true self. Let your vulnerability be your superpower, and let us capture the beauty that emerges from authenticity. Embrace the lens with the unwavering confidence that comes from being true to yourself. Let your portraits tell the story of your unapologetic self-love journey.

We aim to capture the real you—flaws, quirks, and all. Because we absolutely love the perfectly imperfect.

These limited edition portrait sessions are available on
Saturday, March 23, 2024 10AM – 2PM only
for the special price of $149!

What’s included?

  • Styling assistance beforehand. We’ll help you pick the best outfit that flatters your body and your personality.
  • A photoshoot in a gorgeous hardwood, high ceiling old factory building!
  • Posing guidance throughout the shoot. We’ve got you covered.
  • 2 of your favorite images as a digital download to share online or keep just for yourself (option to purchase more images after viewing them)

Who is it for?

  • Professional prowess headshots – For the movers and shakers who bring their A-game to the professional arena. Whether it’s a power suit or your signature work-from-home chic, let’s capture the confident professional you, unapologetically owning your success.
  • Free spirits – These portraits are an ode to the free-spirited individuals who live life on their terms. Flowy dresses, flower crowns, or barefoot adventures – let’s create portraits that capture the essence of your bohemian soul.
  • Fitness warriors – Show off the strength and resilience that comes from being a fitness warrior! This is the ideal series to showcase the sweat, the determination, and the pure joy of your fitness journey. From yoga poses to gym glam, let’s capture the warrior within.
  • Bold and beautiful personalities – If your personality is as bold as your color choices, this portrait series is your canvas. Let your true colors shine as we capture the vivacity and energy that make you stand out in every crowd.
  • Sweet 16 – This portrait series is your VIP pass to turning this milestone into a memory that lasts a lifetime. This isn’t just a photoshoot; it’s your chance to shine like never before.
  • Artistic souls – For the artists, the dreamers, and the creators – the ‘You, Unapologetically’ series is your blank canvas. Whether you’re covered in paint or surrounded by your artistic creations, let’s capture the magic that happens when your creativity knows no bounds.

Sessions Held at Studio 52 North in Middletown, CT

Be advised: This studio is in an old factory building. It’s 30 stairs up to studio with no elevator. Please use caution! Once upstairs, follow the yellow line to the door and come on in!